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What is Developers Guide?
A good way to learn how to use QuickServer library is to study the examples provided with it. And even better way is to writing a server using the QuickServer library. Thatís what this book will be helping you do.
This guide is for any developer who wants to learn and use QuickServer. You should have basic knowledge of coding in java. Any knowledge of networking and sockets will help.
Current Version: 0.3 (Pre-Release)
Authored by:
   Akshathkumar Shetty []
Contributions By:
   Sean Stallbaum []
QuickServer - Developers Guide
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Table of Contents
Title Status
Building basic echoserverDone
Adding authenticationDone
Using clientdataDone
Using remote admin supportDone
Using logging and customisationDone
Xml configurationDone
Data Modes And Data TypesDone
Communication With OBJECT ModeToDo
Communication With BYTE ModeToDo
XML based JDBC MappingToDo

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this book. Thanks to all users who sent their valuable comments and suggestion. My special thanks to Mr. Sean Stallbaum for all his contributions. My special thanks to www.amgmedia.com for the coffee pot image.