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Support QuickServer project
There is a number of ways you can help the QuickServer project.
  Make Donation
 Donate to this project The most straightforward way to support QuickServer project is to make a donation. In particular, we request donations from companies that use QuickServer for commercial purposes.

Donations can be made through Credit Card or PayPal by clicking on the image "Support this project". You may also donate computer hardware like servers / workstation / laptop / network equipments to QuickServer, do contact us for more information on how and where to send in your donations. Thanks
Please contact if you have questions regarding donations.
Note: If you have made a donation recently, your e-mail messages (and posts at forum) will be read and answered before processing the rest of e-mail/posts. Even if we are overloaded with mail, we can see that there are unread messages from donors, whose e-mail addresses correspond to those specified in the payment details.

  Shop from Merchandise
You may also support QuickServer by buying from our collection of merchandise at our Merchandise Shop.

  Help Other QuickServer Users
The QuickServer's Forum is a place where people ask for help with QuickServer usage, configuration and installation. If you know the answer to a question appearing in the forum, please don't hesitate to post a message. We always appreciate your help in making the forum a place where it would be easy to get help.

  Assist in the Development
  • Sponsor development of new features, or compensate development efforts to speedup the development.
  • Do report bugs and help in their resolution.
  • Send in new code or patches (but please make sure that new code does not break things that work).
  • Write more documentation and help edit existing documentation/wiki.

  Let Other Developers Know
Making QuickServer more popular means more support from the users community, more bug reports and more sponsored major improvements. All this can boost QuickServer development and bug fixing activities, improve the quality of support provided by the community in forums. There are different ways to make the QuickServer more popular:
  • Placing links to the QuickServer site at your Web pages / blogs.
  • Rating QuickServer in software directories such as
    O'Reilly's OSDir.com  
  • Recommending QuickServer in Web forums.
  • Writing QuickServer reviews for Web sites and printed magazines like JDJ, Javalobby etc.